Pink Perfection in Lyford Cay

Have the weather occurrences of the past few days made you want to pretend you're a mermaid and curl up in your warm, sunny, pink tropical shell of a home? Totally, me too. Obviously, I've got your back. A few weeks ago I (and everyone else on the interwebs) went bananas over Amanda Lindroth's trompe l'oeil masterpiece apartment in Palm Beach. Well, Ms. L is quite active in these warm climes, so today I bring you a Lindroth creation in the Bahamas' Lyford Cay. 

Yes, its tropical perfection. The home is built into the side of a slope, so the one story facade belies how big it truly is.

Pink and white crenelated awnings and matching cabana stripe cushions make their debut at the front door and are seen throughout the home. And those Oomph lanterns are a delight.

A warm, faux stone finish on the walls provides a natural backdrop for the pops of bright color in the foyer and continuing into the living room. Also that palm leaf sconce is fabulous.


The main living room is open and airy, and features tons of natural textures from the grasscloth walls, to the sisal carpet, to the bamboo stools, and straw pendant lights. On top of all that lovely grass is a happy mix of blues and whites. Glass doors open up to the huge verandas.

The focus of the home is indoor-outdoor living. Everything is tailored but wonderfully casual.

A similar theme is present in the family, with its natural grass backdrop and blue and white upholstery. I love the bamboo sectional and the banquette in the back corner.

I'm all about the tiki-style bar. This room, too, open up to outdoor living space.

Outside the family room cabana stripes abound.

The same crenelated awnings and contemporary woven furniture with cabana stripe cushions that grace the front entrance are featured all over the back verandas of the home.


A coral and white bedroom is adorably outfitted with Chinese chippendale detailed poster bedrooms and side tables. 

An expansive bathroom with accented with a navy and white striped rug, palm tree prints, and a beautiful coral chandelier.

A blue and white guest bedroom features another pelmet canopy above the bed, which I just love.


And this guest bedroom, off the main living room, features accents of turquoise, and orchids on brackets, and it opens up to that fabulous deck.

Its not just the upper levels, the pool-level deck is totally decked out as well. And, yes, that's a stone bridge over the pool.

A ground level guest room has a nautical-inspired round window overlooking the pool.

From the rear, you can really see how large the house is, as opposed to how unassuming it is from the front entrance - its a full three stories. The pool area has stairs that lead to the yard which overlooks the Lyford Cay Club's golf course. You have a great view of those round windows from this vantage as well. They're so cute.

This house is a tropical pink confection and I am obsessed. I think we all need some more pink and white cabana striped everything in our lives right now and this Lyford Cay delight really fits the bill.