New Trad in Houston and a Celebration of Unapologetic Enthusiasm

I'm loud. In personality, in volume, in my taste. Mixing florals and leopards and tartan seems really natural to me. All-beige rooms that are supposedly "calming" make me twitch. So I love and support the other ladies in the Go To Hell Society - like loud girl OG, Bailey McCarthy. And oh man, is her home is an absolute DOOZY! The bright, fun, and fabulous home of Biscuit Home owner, Bailey McCarthy, down in Houston, Texas is the ultimate showcase of her unapologetic approach to traditional living. She's got two little kids and her own line of bedding and the super successful Biscuit Home store, and guess what, this lady does whatever the hell she wants. 

The living room has uncharacteristic white walls, but they give such a clean backdrop for the barrage of color in this room. A super classic GP&J Baker floral has no problem singing along with a large format piece of contemporary art, a red and pink dot rug, a blue Scalamandre sofa, and yellow club chairs,

The dining room is absolutely gorgeous in hand painted Zuber paper and green millwork. Powdery blue window treatments completely with fluffy pompom trim add to the old school, lady like feeling.

White oak millwork and paneling were put in the once-ugly 1960s era addition to the classic house. Here McCarthy mixes traditional millwork and super old school Toile de Nantes fabric with sleek, mid-century pieces. That cobalt blue desk absolutely kills me when snuggled up next to that crazy traditional sofa!

Smokey tulip table and chairs on top of a leopard rug with tons of books and Staffordshire dogs and ginger jars and majolica lemon towers looking on?? Yes please! It's not that I love every single piece (which I do), but the point is the joie de vivre that is so evident in the space.


A glossy blue bar is glamorous and whimsical.

Black (!!) paneling and brass detailing give the kitchen a moody, Frenchy-chic vibe. Obviously McCarthy was NOT going to have your prim-and-pretty, white Christopher Peacock kitchen. 


A sumptuous olive green gives the bedroom a rich, cozy feeling. I love the green floral bedding (of Bailey's own design) and how it plays wonderfully with the Scalamandre leopard chairs and pillow. All of these earthy colors are contrasted (and therefore highlighted) by the Damien Hirst over the bed. At first I was like "oh Damien Hirst dots, real original" but, let's be real, it looks great, I'm just drinking Haterade.

Do I like the gold leaf tiles in the master bathroom? Nope. Does McCarthy herself describe them as "Liberace"? Yes. So this is actually what I really appreciate about McCarthy's designs, she kind of pushes the envelope of tackiness but owns up to it. Could she have done something pretty? Sure. But she does like to tell everyone to Go To Hell.

Daughter Grace's room is a coup for all of everywhere who want to have blue little girls' rooms. The Designer's Guild floral canopy is eye-poppingly bananas. What's the best detail in this room? The window frame painted to match the walls. Its the little things, people!

Just slap some Zoffany wallpaper over your jib doors in your guest bedroom. Super easy fix.

Breezy indoor-outdoor living is no problemo with Celerie Kemble's fabby rattan furniture out in the yard.

So, full disclosure, Bailey's blog "Peppermint Bliss" was one of the big motivating factors behind my starting my own blog way back in the winter of 2011-2012. I was like "hey! If this loud-mouth girl who loves chintz can convince other people to be crazy traditionalist, maybe I can too!" And, again, full disclosure, there's plenty Bailey does that I don't really like, BUT its the absolutely unapologetic point-of-view with which she lays all this crazy stuff on thick that I will always admire. I've had bosses and coworkers tell me I'm too loud, the pieces and fabrics and patterns and colors and combinations I like are too "much," and that I need to "tone it down." And it took a long time for me to tell those people to Go To Hell. I think following Bailey early on in my design ventures really helped me to be unapologetic in embracing and loving my own loudness. 

"There is nothing wrong with loving the crap out of everything. Negative people find their walls. So never apologize for your enthusiasm. Never ever"  -Ryan Adams