Stretching Out Summer - One Last Crazy beach House for the road

In an effort to stretch out the summer for as long as possible (hey, its still a schticky 80 degrees here in Chicago), I've decided to delay the "OMG Fall Tartan Gourds Leather Chesterfields Pumpkin Spice Lattes!!!" post, in favor of this Drop Dead Cuckoo Cape Cod house. Yes, I've saved my favorite summer house for September. And, boy, is it worth the wait. Its the work of Graham Eliot Interior Design, and I'm not saying I want to live in it, or I'm going to whip up something exactly like it, BUT we should all revel in its irreverent Go-To-Hell decorative program. So indulge in one more week of summer with me. And if you try to point out that its dark outside at 7:15pm now, I'm going to throw this old MacBook Air at your head.

Just so you know, this foyer is the least crazy part of the house.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 8.59.38 PM.jpg

YES. NO "BEACH CASUAL" HERE!!! This is fancy, schmancy in the best grandma way.

Like, if your grandma's house looks like then, congratulations, you have an AWESOME grandma! May I borrow her? Also, I like that this crazy print isn'y a standard chintz, and has more of a an oversized, tropical flair. 

Oh yeah you'd better bet that they mixed that multicolor bargello with the big ol' tropical floral. Also, hey stack-of-books side table table, I see you.

Back through the foyer to the other formal sitting room. You're getting a look at that Diamond-Barrata-on-acid rug from this vantage.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 9.01.32 PM.jpg

It's funny because this was definitely the "restrained" room. Giant telescope is a beach house necesity (for neighbor spying).

Pink linen armchairs next to a silk taffeta plaid skirted table. Plain solid pink linen! See what I meant about this being the restrained room? I like that grandpa wanted this vignette to display his "casual portrait." His formal one is back in the library at home in Wellesley.

Why waste time on kitchen pictures when you can see the bar? Love that balloon roman and the mirrored bamboo trellis paper. And a house phone?! Call the Smithsonian!!

The garden room is a porcelain haven with yet another sassy Americana hooked rug. I am obsessed with those Majolica lemon urns. And a trellised ceiling is never going to hurt.

Mix those patterns! And mix them with abandon! 

Breakfast nook has some serious floors and even more serious floral wallpaper.

An upstairs office is actually rather tame considering the rest of this boisterous house, and pretty install-able today - green Imperial Trellis paper, that fabulous brown-backed chintz (I think its Lee Jofa?) and leopard carpet. Yes, I would definitely do this combo.

A sweet, lemonade yellow guest bedroom is perfect for visitors.

But, oh baby! Everything is alright alright alright in this fabulous blue gingham bedroom. Mixing floral upholsterey and big ol' buffalo check walls is actually wicked chic (you like my use of "wicked"? It is the Cape after all...). And all I want to do is rub my paws madly though the bullion fringe at the bottom of that blue club chair. You know, like a bad cat. I know you want to do it too, don't even lie.

Where do those little doors in those eaves go?? I want to know! Also, an antique fireplace screen with painted basket of hydrangea and andirons? Yes, please! And, obviously, Westie needlepoint pillow dog. That is serious #needlepointmafia action and I love it.

Come on and take in the sunshine, breathe in the salt air, and bask in the unsinkable cuckoo bananas wonderfullness that is this house. The days are going to be so short so soon, so let's not rush into the pumpkin patch and stretch out summer as long as we can.