Boisterous Nantucket Rambler Doesn't Care What You Think

Happy Memorial Day! As a kid who grew up on the beach, both Memorial Day and Labor Day Weekends hold a special place in my heart as the unofficial opening and closing (and my birthday!) of the summer season. Obviously, I thought a true American classic in one of America's most iconic beach locations would be appropo for today.

Which brings me to this big bad mamma jamma. It's been on the market on Nantucket for years and its set in an awesome right-outside-town location, and this pretty lady has sat forlorn. Someone has to give this gale the love she deserves. I really identify with this house, classic, bubbly, and just a little LOUD -- but, IMHO, really easy to love.

Do excuse the unusually small size of the pictures, I've scoured for years and they're pretty much the best option out there.

No new build here. This is an old school, asymmetrical, cedar shake rambler. And yes, those turquoise shutters are pure heaven.

Yes, it's got a "collected from grandma" look and it is great. And, yes, I too am addicted to the nautical blue and white palette that abounds in summer houses, but I do love that this house in unabashedly apricot and pink and turquoise, and takes a hard pass on tasteful navy.

The apricot curtains, the gilded turtle shells hung on big read ribbon, the brass everything, the c1965 (I mean it must be) floral on the club chairs.

The unfiltered kookiness is tempered by eye-pleasing symmetry. I am obsessed with the tangerine table lamps behind the sofa, and the blue and white porcelain festooned demilunes flanking the entrance to the dining room. And those pillows are bananas.

OMG this dining room is the perfect shade of 1950s socialite ballgown peach.

The power of color is so evident in this dining room. It is a perfectly classic layout and collection of furniture, and it would be lovely if unremarkable is the walls were, say, red, and the chairs were left brown. However, with stark white chairs featuring bright aqua seats, and the gorgeous peach walls, all the classic pieces in the stark look wonderfully fun and fresh.

With pineapple wallpaper and sunshine yellow cabinetry, this kitchen is like living inside a pina colada. And God knows I love a black and white tile floor. I love that there's a $10,000 fridge in a kitchen who's cabinetry hasn't been touched since the Nixon administration. Bravo. Whoever buys this home will undoubtably put in a tasteful, white, Christopher Peacock kitchen, and while I understand that impulse completely, it will also be a damn shame.

This little sitting room off the kitchen leads to the back stairs.

I love the contrast of the green bamboo coffee table and the giant fretwork in the brown and white rug. And, of course, the Chinoiserie print on the club chairs and the drapes is something I would make a cape out of and wear every day. Fabulous.

As you may have surmised, the upstairs is a little disasterous, but the view from the master bedroom out over the Nantucket Sound does not suck. And the crinolated valance that runs the length on these giant windows is killer.

Perched on a knoll between town and Steps Beach/Cliff Road, this sassy, go-to-hell epitomizer enjoys a fabulous locations and lovely views.

Yes, I could sit here with a dark'n'stormy, or a gin and tonic (or, heck, I'd even drink water if I had to!) for a good loooooong time.

Summer's here people! Let's get out and enjoy it!

PS: I apologize for the long period of radio silence. As many of you who follow me on Instagram know, my husband and I recent bought our first home! A vintage apartment on the north side Chicago, a block from the lake, the 100+ year old gal needs A LOT of work and we've been caught up in a construction cyclone! I will be updating out all on the progress of our pad soon!! xx Jenny