More Than Prim and Pretty by Meg Braff

Earlier this spring, I saw a new Meg Braff project published in House Beautiful. It was the same issue as this totally crazy Chinoiserie house by Christopher Maya, actually in the same part of Long Island as this project, and it was really overlooked. The pictures in House Beautiful were not that exciting, and although there were only eight shots, I pulled them into a file for a future post I had entitled "Prim and Pretty by Meg Braff." Well, Meg just launched her new website and when I went to peruse it I found she had loads more pictures of this gorgeous home and they were way better than anything in HB! The sneaking suspicion I had that the magazine spread hadn't done the house justice were confirmed. So now, I give you More Than Prim and Pretty by Meg Braff.

Love the contrast between the yellow damask wallpaper and the painted black and white wood floor. And who wouldn't want that pair of Christopher Spitzmiller lamps?


in Meg's portfolio, you can really see how the colors are manipulated in the print shoot. The walls are very clearly a buttercup yellow, not the more chartreuse-y shade shown in the magazine.

A beautiful view from the living room through the foyer and into the living room.

The living room is so feminine and pretty with these gorgeous, billowing, pink silk draperies that cast a pale rose glow on the entire room. Yes, its a pink-and-green room, but the lime velvet settee, and peacock and floral print chair are elegant and cheerful as opposed to aggressively preppy. And the texture of the diamond sisal rug is so great next to the sumptuous fabrics in the space.

So yeah. You have NO IDEA how good this room is if you only saw the magazine picture. It's just so not reflective of the charm of the space. At all.

I don't know where the sunburst mirror went, but even this very similar shot gives you a much better sense of what is actually going on in this living room.

Yes, the dining room is sick no matter how you slice it. Pea green walls are perfect with crisp white wainscoting, richly patterned draperies, and teal velvet dining chair seats. And I am never going to complain about a gigantic topiary ball. Or awesome lettuceware china while we're at it.

The room is just as lovely when not dolled up to the nines. And now you get to see that awesome antique sideboard with the best little spade feet. And PS -- look at the reflection of that gold painted screen in the mirror. You'd have no idea that was even in the room. And its incredible. 

Oh hey spade foot sideboard. I see you. And I love you. Also a pair of deep teal Christopher Spitzmiller lamps is always welcome.


This cute family room didn't even make the magazine! Ya! That's insane! What a fun little symphony of turquoises, greens, and red, grounded by natural greys and browns. Yes that red desk and fretwork chair are adorable. And the green ribbon and nailhead trim on the brown sofas is such a thoughtful detail. I adore the turquoise grasslcoth, and I am even more ardently loving the moulldings and millwork painted to match (it would be too choppy with white, don't you think)?. The striped rug is a fun punch of pattern, especially against those fabulous Quadrille upholstered arm chairs.

Yep. Drink those babies in.

The den is another wonderful and richly layered space. Just look at the amount of gorgeous pattern mixing. A sassy, personality-filled Bob Collins chintz on the drapes plays wonderfully with the Persian carpet (incorporating the red and blues in the chintz), and the lively ikat armchairs in a yummy caramel shade. Not to mention the throw pillows. With so much pattern, the walls are a little respite for your eyes in neutral cashew grasscloth. BUT, don't get too comfy, all the mouldings and millwork are a killer grassy green.

I never thought Id be able to love a room devoid of navy blue this much. I didn't know I had it in me. Good job heart, you're bigger than I thought.


I don't think I've made enough of a stink about that jade velvet sofa. Its amazing.

A pretty powder room is happily swathed in Farrow & Ball's "Lotus" because a sister can't be reinventing the damn wheel in every room, you know?

The yellow damask paper continues upstairs and I love the casual, "found-it-in-Grandma's-attic" appeal of the two different Turkish carpets in the hall.

In the master bedroom, both the bed and a cozy armchair are clad in Quadrille's "Henriot" (one of my favorite fabrics). 

Yeah. I know. This room is a totally different color than it looked like it was in HB. Like completely different. In the magazine it appeared to be a greyed periwinkle, while it is apparently really a more turquoise hue. The bedroom is about 200% fresher and prettier in this picture than it was when it was published.

This client is all about the Spitzmiller lamps, and I can't disagree. Again, so fresh.

Yeah. Turquoise.

A son's room is simple and classic in blue and red. The antique beds provide lovely, time-worn, simplicity. And the swordfish is good looking and just kitschy enough to be fun withou being siily.

Similarly to the master, in Meg's portfolio this room appears to be a lot more turquoise than powder blue. Like, a lot more. And again, I like it more this way. The striped duvets are a nice contrast against the diamond pattern of the drapes. I even like the bamboo chairs and two little prints in the corner more than the magazine spread's corner sans chair and with one big print. Also, yes, there's a custom tissue box cover to match the drapes. *Snaps* That's how its done, people.

Another son's room is similarly classic and adorable in a mint green hue with matching antique twin beds sharing a nightstand, vibrant turquoise and white drapes in a petite chevron, and a collection of framed duck prints, carrying over the light sportsmanly vibe from the other son's bedroom. So cute for a little boy.

So what have we learned here? Obviously we didn't learn that Meg Braff is awesome and one of my favorite currently working designers because we knew that already!! We learned is this Long island abode is lovely, cheerful, classic and perfect for the young family residing there. More importantly we learned that magazine shoots don't always tell the truth - and that can work in both ways. This house was pretty in it's HB spread, but the mag really didn't do justice to the appeal and charm of this home. Hope I've given it a good second act for myself and all of you!