Beacon Hill Christmas Magic

Beacon Hill in Boston is a magical place at any time of year, but at Christmastime there really is something special in the air "on The Hill." We took a very quick 12 hour trip to Boston on Saturday to pick up our long-awaited, new puppy (!!!!), and we got to spend some time with old friends in our old neighborhood!


Greek Revival beauty in this pediment.

So beautiful in its simplicity.


The Nicholls House on Mt. Vernon Street is wonderful museum.


The Nicholls House's windows set in blind arches are beautiful all year long, but the little boxwood wreaths with plaid bows take them to the next level, don't they?


Most exterior house trim in Beacon Hill is painted in neutral colors, but this exception in sea foam green is particularly stunning.


Mansion windows bedecked in wreaths.


This row of coach houses has always held a special place in my heart. Neighbors don't need to match, each lovely in their own way.


On Louisberg Square, each massive manse has different and gorgeous door decor. I was very drawn to the use of pinecone boughs at Number 3.


Introducing Rooster Brewster, our puppy! In his spiffy new coat! Leland's Bean Boots for scale. Hard to believe this little fuzzball will be 50+ pounds in no time! He's half Welsh Terrier, half Airedale Terrier, and all love-bug.


Lampposts wrapped in their holiday finery on Louisberg Square.


Wintertime wisteria vines give a pop of green at the corner of Pinckney Street and Louisberg Square.


I've always liked the irregularity of this house's facade and their garland and boxes are spectacular.


Historic Acorn Street (its got cobblestones underneath that snow!) is probably the most photographed spot in this neighborhood, and its easy to see why. There's actually a home for sale on these street right now (a real fixer-upper!).


Down on Chestnut Street these teal doors and shutters stand out so beautifully against red brick and white snow. 


Not only are the Christmas decorations beautiful at Number 53, but - be still my heart - those are sidelights and fanlights to absolutely die for!


Truly truly truly one of the most special places in America.


Back over on Acorn Street -- Our first family photo!! 


I hope your holidays are as merry and bright as ours!!