Oldie But A Goodie: 1927 Brick Georgian Needs A Little Love

You know what's great? Old stuff. Yes, its true. I'm an aficionado of the old. And I love seeing the insides of old houses, as I am a lover of a great design, and an enormous snoop. Whether its a big ol' National Trust owned 17th century pile over in England, or something more close to home, an old beauty who needs some love is a lovely site. 

This c1927 brick Georgian on the North Shore of Long Island (think: Gatsby country) is a classic example of a great country home that hasn't been touched in a long while and needs some generous new owners with vision.

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 11.07.31 AM.jpg

So this is pretty much my dream facade. Symmetrical Brick Georgian revival with clapboard wings leading out to pediment front brick pavilions. The brick is perfectly beaten with a smidgen of white wash, and the shutters and door are a charming garden green. Maybe I'd go shiny black shutters and a turquoise front door...

Oh yes green and white striped awning over a patio is always a good idea.

Sidelights and fanlight are absolutely killing it in this gorgeous country foyer. And sweet baby Jeez, those PEAKED PEDIMENTS.

And boy do I love a front-to-back foyer with a back door just as beautiful as the front entrance. Also, THAT PEAKED URN PEDIMENT. Also, a little Stark Antelope up the stairs and some sweet Bruschwig Palais Chinoise collection paper and this foyer could get gussied up real quick.

So, yes, this living room hasn't been redecorated since the Nixon Administration BUT, let's be real,  I'd reupholster all the club chairs and sofa (probably in another chintz most likely). Put up some sassy silk pelmets and drapes with a contrast welt and tape trim (a la Miles and Nick O.). And put down a Stark "Neptune" sisal aaaaaand guess what? This room doesn't get too much changed. Also those hanging shelves with the pagoda tops? I die.

Gracie paper (prob with this same powder blue background color) and some sort of softly geometric rug, re-finish the chairs and smack a nice new woven down on their seats (maybe an animal print, hmmm?), aaaaaand I'm done. If you even think about touching that millwork wall with the fireplace and shell-topped built-in shelves, I will reach through this computer and smack you. Btw, that rug is awesome.

A knotty pine library with a old school tube tv and a freaking duck print over the fireplace? Oof, so waspy, I love it.

The grand dame's bedroom. Obviously those battered chair pegs have been chewed to within an inch of their lives by some tyrannical terrier that rules this roost with an iron paw.

Oh yes dear, just having some tea out on the veranda!

BTW, this wonderful home is on 13 green acres.

Take in this lovely lady! Look at all those fireplaces for butt's sake! Those adorable dormer windows on the clapboard sections! Those really adorable round windows in the pediments of the outer pavilions! Yes, there are no pictures of the kitchen or a bathroom because they're absolute disasters BUT c'mon this 88 year old estate is looking pretty darn good for her age! A couple of truckloads of Farrow & Ball and a kindly contractor and this historic gem could be the perfect home.