Pure Americana in Nantucket Harbor

As much as I loved being in London for the past few days, I'm not going to lie - I felt a little guilty being there on the Fourth of July, like I was cheating on America. Now that I'm back on this side of the pond, I'm in the mood for something more American than apple pie. Enter this tiny house right on Nantucket harbor, decorated by Gary McBournie, is the perfect slice of New England summer. 

The historic home is named "Constitution" and has a healthy smattering of pale pink climbing roses. Love those squat three-over-three windows.

So - the home is basically one open space, with a combined kitchen and living room, a sleeping alcove, and a sleeping loft (and a bathroom). You'd better like your guests. Or better yet, come by yourself on a stormy weekend. Maybe bring a doggie. The blue painted floor is so Sister Parish.

A view into the living area shows wonderful beadboard walls going all the way up to the weathered wood of the vaulted ceiling.

Here's a closer view of the cluster of rattan furniture along the back wall of the living room. A collection of antique ship dioramas float cheerfully above the loveseat.

The downstairs bedroom (really more of a sleeping area) is unapologetically marine with it's perpendicular built-in twin beds, like those you'd find on a lovely sailboat. In any other home, I'd find the ship's wheel accent and hanging nautical flags heavy-handed, but here they couldn't be more perfect.

The bathroom is a charming reminder that good things come in small packages (as a lady of 5'2", I appreciate this sentiment). McBournie says the vintage regatta flags inspired the color palette for this home. 

The ladder up to the sleeping loft is another beautiful marine homage. It's not the most user-friendly detail in the world, but it's too pretty for me to care. You'd better have some limber guests. 

The sleeping loft is about as cozy as it gets with matching pine beds in the American style, complete with blue and white bedding and striped bedskirts. I adore the transition from crisp beadboard to rough timber vaulting. Don't you think sleeping here during a summer downpour would just be heaven?

A good 50% of the living space of this home is out on the deck overlooking the hustle and bustle of the harbor. I could just live on one of those chaises watching the boats sail by.

This home would be the most lovely spot to drink coffee and breathe in the salty air on a perfectly grey Nantucket day.