London Calling

Tomorrow I'm off on a long-awaited trip to one of my favorite places on Earth, London! I'm going with my mom and two of my cousins for one of their birthdays! We're all anglophiles of the first order and deep lovers of English history, literature, style, humor (more like humour, right?), swearing, and pretty much everything else. Obviously my abiding love for what I call "traditional" decor is very much influenced by English decorating, and I thought I'd share a classic and chic London townhouse. This central London home is a long-time love of mine, and it was decorated by Paolo Moschino for Nicky Haslam.  Let's have a look at this fabulous home.

This home is all about these Farrow & Ball (I'm assuming) green walls and millwork throughout the public rooms on the first floor. I mean those parquet de Versailles floors don't hurt either, but, c'mon, that leaf garland carving is heaven. 

These doors will one day cause my death. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat thinking about them.

Golden painted detailing (helllloooo fluted pilasters) adds a sumptuous glow to this library. And those teeny sconces are awesome. Just elegant as all hell.

A wonderful collection of furniture in this office off of the library mixes with the landscape painting and tiger rug for a colonial-officer-returned-home-from-the-wild feel. Also, hey I see you bullion fringe on the bottom of the sofa.

Oh yes, this is some hardcore Continental style with the deep red French sofa trimmed out in creamy gold ribbon, the tapestry hanging, and the big ol' antique barometer. Adore the bookshelves set into the niche where the sofa lives, and the paneling above.

1) Those petite double wall sconces with their precious pleated shades

2) The fretwork chair.

3) The taxidermy polar bear. Yes weird but seeing as this is a fancy townhouse in London, chances are high that the owners are Russian oligarchs, and maybe he makes them feel at home.

4) That fretwork chair though!

A swirling oval staircase runs the height of the home. A classic iron lantern adds some punctuation to the otherwise light and neutral space.

The master bedroom is has a lot of traditional spirit, but is still quite bubbly in a crisp palette of navy blue and white. I love the prevalence of scalloping patterns (on the walls, roman shades, and the bed canopy), and the fuzzy rug adds a little groovy London touch to this space. And I know it's a little thing, but I really like the flush, contemporary built-in bookshelves set into such a traditional space. Also, that navy sofa is calling my name.

Man oh man, this bathroom is crazy chic. Carrara marble all over the floors, sink, tub, and all the way up the walls. Classic bath fixtures, a simple brass accented bowl light and stool, and that graphic roman shade keep things clean and understated.

This guest bedroom is a French-y fantasy, swathed in blue and white woven goodness to within an inch of its life. You like scallops? You like draping? You like faux tenting? This room's got it for you! And some cranberry pops because why not.

Another guest bedroom is the picture of genteel serenity in shades of cream and dashes of turquoise (adore that rug and the precious piped bench). The matching sets of six prints above the pagoda lamp topped mirrored chests provide pleasing symmetry, while the splash of an ikat pillow keeps things from being too princess-y.

This back staircase brings a bit of drama with its black double sconces, black chair upholstery, striped pillows, and zebra rug contrasting against marshmallow lavender walls.

This cozy den might be my favorite room in this house - or at least the one I'd be most likely to install myself. Beautiful, geometric paneled walls with antique prints speak of traditional English order and formality, while comfy sofas, tribal type print throw pillows, a nubbly sisal, and big upholstered ottoman are all about coziness. And, of course, a punk rock print of the queen above the fireplace throws the whole thing on its head.

And, obviously, there's a crazy pool in the basement, because as lovely as this home is, its still a townhouse in London that costs a zillion dollars (...pounds?). I can't wait to "hop the pond", as it were, and feed my addiction to the British aesthetic with all the eye candy London has to offer! Cheerio!