Bright and Bubbly in Edinburgh

I'm obsessed with Scotland. I always have been since I was a little kid. For no reason. My family isn't Scottish, no one else I grew up with was super Scottish or super into Scotland - but I always dreamed of kilts, and hills, and the Loch Ness monster. I have a sporran. It's not a big deal.

When I finally went to Scotland last summer for the first time, I fell completely in love with Edinburgh. The history, the architecture, the feeling, everything. So when I stumbled across designer Jessica Buckley's Edinburgh apartment, my eyeballs pretty much popped out of my head.

Her two bedroom in an historic building in the Newtown section of Edinburgh (the original candy-land of Georgian perfection) is youthful, colorful, happy, and totally respectful of the bones of the home.

I mean, could you just die? Enormously high ceilings, gorgeous crown mouldings, chair rail and dado wall (not too high!). But all these classic elements are swathed in bright color. The textural blue grasscloth emphasizes the crisp white millwork.

Faux bamboo Chippendale style chairs are always going to be welcome, but I especially love that nod towards 18th century style in this 18th century neighborhood. Contemporary art in candy colors lives seamlessly with antique pieces.

Love the contrast between the marshmallow pink walls and the black herringbone tiled floors. More pops of black are provided by the petite shaded sconces (which people don't use enough in kitchens), the striped window seat upholstery and matching chair cushions on the fellows of the chairs in the living room, and the bold tape trim on the floral roman shade. Such a romantic and feminine scheme which you don't usually see in a kitchen, quite lovely.

The guest bedroom has a reiteration of the color palette from the living room with vibrant blues and pinks. A gorgeous lit above the headboard has a swirling floral on the outside and a geometric indiennes style geometric on the inside. And there's never a bad time to pop a teeny sconce in there.

The master bedroom is a great riff on a traditional, feminine space. I love the latte colored walls, and especially (duh) the hand painted chinoiserie wall behind the bed. The combination of creams, tans, and pinks, with just a hint of light blue, is so wonderfully girly without being overwhelming. The settee in front of the window with its lovely throw pillows and Hermes blanket is a great antique piece to highlight the home's history and even the frill on the duvet gives a little old school dress-maker's touch.

I definitely didn't need another reason to want to run away to Edinburgh, but Jessica Buckley's apartment is certainly putting another check mark in that column.