Treillage Obsession with Cathy Kincaid

There are some things I am obsessed with and one of them is treillage. Oh baby. Line anything with some awesome Accents of France treillage and that sucker is going to look awesome. Textural, geometric, traditional, elegant, and whimsical - is there anything about treillage not to love?? Well, Cathy Kincaid's latest project in Dallas, Texas is a treillage smorgasbord and I am digging right in!!

Not only treillage, this home features so many of many favorite traditional decorating elements that I'm just going to gush over, so hang on to your pants everyone!

Holy crapola - THE TREILLAGE UP THE COVE CEILING. But yes yes yes to that fiddle leaf fig tree, the fretted tub chairs on little casters, the painted floor, the little red desk, and - lord deliver me - those arched windows with inset french doors AND the double folding shutters. I die. I am dead. Blogging from beyond the veil. Sirius Black is here with me.

TREILLAGETREILLAGETREILLAGE - agh my brain! I love the old school floral upholstery on the sofas and armchairs, although, to be honest, I probably would have gone with a different color than the beige to match the wall. Love the profusion of blue and white porcelain accessories and those lucite side tables are doing their job of being invisible so well that I literally only just noticed them. Also, huge snaps for slipping them in this crazy-traditional room. **many clapping hands emojis here**

That fretwork railing down the spiral staircase. Be still my heart.

If you don't like porcelain egrets on a palm tree corbel then you can just get right out of here right now. We have nothing more to say to one another.

This cozy sunroom is wicker-palooza, and I like the mix of that gabby brass coffee table above that cotton rug on the slate floor. Such a great mix of textures. The three dark lanterns move your eye down the room and provide nice punctuation.

The dining room is elegant but much less busy than the other rooms, and yet it is still light hearted. The gorgeous window lets in a ton of sunlight and the mix of seating keep the space interesting. There's a whole 'nother round table and upholstered chairs back there in the window. And I'm always down for a super high gloss ceiling.

Love the layering of Indiennes fabrics all over the place here in the den. That blue ikat pillow is the perfect piece on the sofa and those wood and gilt table lamps are killer.

The master bedroom is absolute primer in prep-trad fabulousness. Knotting pine paneling, Federal convex mirror, hint of a cockpen chair off to the left, four poster bed (topped with urns and everything!), gilt framed prints, needlepoint bench, plush armchair in a big floral, beautiful lit behind the headboard with tiny sconces set right in, and a mix of delicate floral and charming checks. YES. PHEW. Omg, I need to catch my breath. Also the mix of fabrics in this room really reminds me of the layering of fabrics in the den so many snaps for decorative program cohesiveness.

Barrel vaulted master bath. Always a win. Love the ceiling color, the tole flower light fixture, and shells on tiny corbels up in the upper corners of the arch frame. Upholstered chairs are so lovely in bathrooms like this, but how do they not get all mildew-y? Anyone know?

LAWD deliver me! This guest bedroom walked out of my dreams and into this house in Texas apparently. Sister Parish Design's "Dolly" fabric is alllllllll over the walls, and up the eaves and across the ceiling, also the lit, headboard upholstery and bedskirt, making a cozy and comforting green nest. Monogrammed Leontine Linens on the bed never hurt either. And, yes, mix another two floral prints right into this space. Painted floor and rag rug under the bed would make Sister Parish herself smile.

Colefax & Fowler's "Bowood" and matching green welting on that skirted slipper chair is giving me heart palpitations.

And as long as we're here, the gorgeous stone exterior with beautiful white fretted railing, and perfectly popping black shutters is beyond lovely.

I'll be here breathing in and out of a paper bag trying to calm down if you need me. Bravo CK, this classic home is definitely proving my theory that trad is rad.