Traditional Beauty in Aspen

While everyone is waiting around for Spring to come, we decided to go from cold to colder and go out west to ski this weekend with friends. I'm not one for the traditional vernaculars of the big ol' western ski house with giant beams and buffalo taxidermy OR the ubiquitous modern ski house with gigantic windows and million story great rooms, barf. So what a surprise when I came across this super traditional ski house out in Aspen. I'm pretty sure it's Carolyne Roehm's (right? haven't we seen the bedrooms before?) and it's lovely.

Longitudinal front hall is neutral with shades of cream and tan and green. The only thing vaguely ski house-y is that console table and stool at the far end with antler detailing.

Hello!! The cure for the uber contemporary great room. Yellow and red for days. And obviously an enormous doggie portrait above the mantel.

You are correct - there are two matching staircases to either side of this room.

Some antlers, a bald eagle statue, I'm not saying this house is free from "ski house schtick", I just think it does it with a bit more traditional flair than others. But ugh that rug.

The dining room is delightfully Scandinavian and probably the prettiest room in the house.

More antlers abound on the walls, but the overall monochromatic scheme is lovely, And the floor is beautiful too. And I love the matching table covering and chair upholstery. I think it's Bennison.

There's something soothing that I really like about the cabinets matching the floor in the kitchen. It's a nice visual continuity. I like the freshness of the white marble countertops and the steel pendants. And the green fabric in the glass cabinets and the adorable semicircular banquette give a nice touch of warmth.

Lots of blue and white porcelain on brackets. 'Nuff said.

The expansive master bathroom is very similar in finishes to the kitchen and gives some warmth and "cabin" type feeling without being hokey.

A guest bedroom is painted in an icy blue, while the bed is watched in an old school floral. Yes. A pretty floral in a ski house. There are birch trees and mountains out there; I see them.

So let's re-think what a ski house can be. We don't have to making a modern flying saucer or a less fun version of the Wilderness Lodge in Disney World. That being said, this real estate listing touts "new modern plans ready!" so yes, they are selling this house as a tear-down for someone to put up a soulless, contemporary thing-a-ma-bob. Does is need some love? Yes, of course. Does Aspen need another meh modern house? No. Someone snap this up and give it the TLC it deserves.