Iksel Decorative Arts

Husband and wife art power-duo Mehmet and Dimonah Iksel run Eksel Decorative Arts, a decorative painting studio that undertakes hugely impressive projects across the world. These incredible artists and their team execute some of the most stunning hand painted wall finishes I have ever seen. 

Mehmet was born in Instabul, the son of a Turkish diplomat, and Dimonah is of Iraqi-Hungarian descent and was born into a family of jewelers. Both Iksels have lived all over the globe and their worldly experiences are evident in the variety of beautiful styles in which they paint. They split their time between Istanbul and Paris where they have their two showrooms. Let's look at a sampling of their gorgeous work!

Turquoise backed Chinoiserie is always something I love, but this is especially beautiful.

The doors and windows of this hall are enhanced by the Iksels' work.

More turquoise and coordinating coffers.

This garden mural is a wonderful backdrop in this lofty dining room. And I love the pale green window muntins and framing.

The Iksels also excel at Neoclassical panel painting.

I love pictures where the tarp is still on the floor. You get a real connection to their process.

The painting is so serious in this room and yet the colors are so exuberant.

Dear LAWD, you know I know a faux tented ceiling. And a mural. And matching painted furniture. Yes.

I can't tell if the cording and tassels are really applied or trompe l'oeil, that's how good they are.

There's no accounting for that bench but PAGODAS.

More pagoda-palooza.

I've seen people do this sort of finish with fabric, but this is paint. Wow.

Astonishing work from some seriously talented people!