Playa Grande Beach Club by Celerie Kemble

It's sunny and almost 60 degrees here in Chicago so it's basically tropical, right? And its Friday! And what could be better than having a bright and beautiful tropical escape? Enter the Playa Grande Beach Club!! Located on the north shore of the Dominican Republic, this residential club has been a ten year long project for Celerie Kemble, who designed the club's facilities as well as her family's own home on the island. Let's have a look at how the Palm Beach gal Kemble knocks this one out of the park!

The sitting room of the PGBC club house features a double height, vaulted ceiling, a frieze of cut-outs, and demilune cut-outs above shuttered double doors. The palette is tropical but subdued, with lots of fresh white and unbleached island colors.

Here's a close up shot of the seat area against the left wall. How incredible are those giant, metal, floral form sconces flanking the mirror?

Charming latticed cabanas line the side of the clubhouse pool which faces on to the beach.

Celerie and husband Boykin Curry's family home is named Casa Guava and features loads of sweet gingerbread style millwork trim and a refreshing white and green color scheme.

The living room of Casa Guava is colorful and comfortable. The cut-outs featured in the clubhouse continue into the Kemble-Curry residence and add a light and breezy artistry to the home. I am completely in love with the metallic palm leaf light fixtures (they actually might just be decorative bosses, but whatever they're still awesome), and the metallic play leaf column capitals.

The dining room is spare - for preppy tropical style - but super impactful with its curling outdoor seats, more of those great metallic palm leaf details, and fanciful trompe l'oeil striped cabana painted panels flanking the double bifold doors leading to the master bedroom (with two of CK's super cute kids hopping on the bed).

Which brings us to THIS BED. WOWZA. The green and white metal four poster bed with tree-like detailing, coming together in the center is bringing new meaning to the phrase "canopy bed." How appropriate in a jungle-covered part of a tropical island.

A beautiful, preppy, tropical beach house. You think you've seen them all, but this refreshingly riff on that theme by Celerie Kemble is chic and whimsically original. Warm weather is just around the corner!