Dodie Thayer Lettuce Ware for Tory Burch

Dodie Thayer's classic Lettuce Ware is way up towards the top of any prepster's home furnishings lust list. Dodie started making the gorgeous glazed pottery pieces in Palm Beach in the 1960s and  they quickly became a favorite among the society set of Palm Beach at the time. With everyone from Jackie Kennedy to C.Z. Guest decking their tables with the festive green plates, cups, saucers, and tureens, Thayer's Lettuce Ware became a staple of whimsical hostesses everywhere. Over the past almost 50 years, the Lettuce Ware collection has become a huge collector's piece with intrepid hunters searching Brimfield for their share and auctions for the items selling out quickly.

C.Z. Guest's table set with Lettuce Ware.

Fast forward to March 2015 when classic prep fashion designer turned lifestyle doyenne, Tory Burch asked Dodie Thayer to make a reissue of the collection for the Tory Burch Home line. With a collection of pottery pieces and table linens ranging from $68 to $168, it's now easier than ever for all of us to get on the fabulous green action! I know I'll be snapping some pieces up to mix in with my basket weave china! Will you?


Aren't the tea cups especially precious?

The table linens feature a charming Ginko leaf pattern.

I am loving this reissue of a classic that's so fresh and fun. I'm sure there will be quite a few Easter tables sporting these perfect pieces!