Scalamandre Baldwin Bamboo Trellis

I am a wallpaper addict. It’s true. I confess. I grew up in a house with (freaking awesome) wallpaper which my mother updated with regularity so it always looked on point. Due to a leaking central air conditioning issue, I got to change the wallpaper in my room four times in my adolescence. It was ah-mah-zing.

I love bamboo, I love fretwork, I love wallpaper (I love lamp?) – so it follows that one of my favorite wallpapers is Scalamandre’s “Baldwin Bamboo” trellis. Those of you who have been following my tumblr, The Foo Dog Ate My Homework, will recognize the light blue colorway of this paper as the background of that blog. There are a lot of bamboo trellis type wallpaper, but there’s something both classic and irreverent about this paper in particular that I just adore. Particularly the colored detailing in the actual bamboo in the light blue, light yellow, and light green colorways.  

Let’s have a look at some gorgeous applications of one of my favorite papers!

Desk vignette in a bedroom by Alex Papachristidis.

Eclectic master bedroom by Alex Papachristidis.

Although the wallpaper itself has a lot going on, this vignette via One Kings Lane is surprisingly calm with its’ black and gold chest, and small collection of ginger jars.

The light blue colorway is accented with sunny yellow dining chairs and art in this happy Long Island dining room by Jeff Lincoln.

The light green colorway has pale blue accents in the bamboo itself that are enhanced by the pale blue tufted banquette cushion and the green and blue tied cushions on the farm chairs in this cheery New York breakfast room by Ashley Whittaker.

No matter where you put it, this classic bamboo trellis has a timeless, preppy, cheeky, appeal that can brighten any space.