Bungalow 5 Framed Chinoiserie Panels

Bungalow 5 is one of my favorite home decoration companies. Their chic, Chinoisierie inspired furniture and accessories always bring a fun and cheery yet sophisticated vibe to any project. Their faux bamboo chairs and mirrors are much-loved, go-to items for me and pretty much any traditional, color-loving, prepster in the design world.

SO imagine my happiness when I saw that this awesome company is making framed Chinoiserie silk panels! I have serious issues with my love for hand painted Chinoiserie wallcovering  - mostly the issue is that it costs an arm and a leg! Well these pairs of Chinoiserie gorgeousness are a relatively affordable solution if you’re suffering from a similar addiction!

“Green Garden”
24.5 inches wide x 50 inches high

The sprinkling of pink blossoms makes this pair lovely for a soft and feminine bedroom.

“Cobalt Perch”
24.5 inches wide x 50 inches high

This pair is the most tonal of the bunch and could look super classic in a blue and white living room or family room with a collection of other blue and white accessories.

22 inches wide by 41 inches high

The punchy coral-red would looing positively electric in a navy dining room, flanking a sideboard or buffet. Or on taupe-green walls pulling from the leaves in the panels.

“Crimson Bird”
24 inches wide x 50 inches high

The dramatic shocks of crimson blooms and bird would have extra impact in a sitting room with white or off-white walls.

“Night Garden”
27.5 inches wide x 55.5 inches high

I think I like this black and blue pair the best of the bunch (which is weird – you’d think I’d like the light green the best knowing my color preferences). I’d let them shine against pale grey walls in a room with black and white accents.

So excited to be able to use these beautiful silk panels!