Mario Buatta Favorite Hits the Market

I know its "red cup" season, Daylight Savings Time has ended (goodbye forever Sun! See you in like March, I guess!), and Halloween candy is on sale - and therefore, I had such a lovely, eclectic New England farmhouse on deck to share with all of you. But the visions of decorative gourds dancing in my head came of an abrupt halt when I found out this EPIC Mario Buatta designed apartment just hit the market in New York. Come, friends, let us drool.

This insane, barrel vaulted, formal living room is one of my favorite rooms of all time. Maybe Top Ten Favorite Rooms of All Time. Yes, the swag window treatments are nuts, but, who cares, they're amazing, and totally complement the 1000000 foot ceiling height and contrast so well with those big ol' iron casement french doors. Key lime pie is my favorite dessert, and thanks to this room, I've been lusting after a key lime colored room. The tartness of the icy chartreuse helps to balance out the sweetness of the candy colored prints and chintz in the space. And those triple ball topiaries are causing my death.

And even if this doesn't appeal to you (which I totally get that this isn't for everyone - although this may not be a super blog for you...) no one can deny the genius of the space planning in this room. Its a full orchestra of furniture in this cavernous parlour and they are all positioned perfectly. Something Albert Hadley and Mrs. Parrish beat into MB I'm sure.

The faux marble painted pediments around the doors leading to the dining room break my heart with their awesomeness. Gigantic interior door pediments are a major weakness of mine. The silver metallic paper covering the barrel vault is killer. Also, let's all appreciate the quick, contemporary, palate cleanser provided by the Karl Springer type coffee table.

An enormously sunny room off the living room is a cozy spot for reading or working. Even the burl wood finished walls and dark trim seem lighthearted in the sunlight. 

Dark chocolate gloss walls bounce around a ton of light in the foyer, as does the ceiling which is covered in the same silver metallic as the barrel vault in the living room.

Another space planning coup here in the ebullient, pink dining room. A lengthy space in a trophy apartment like this one could tempt a lesser soul towards a baronial dining table for 30. However Buatta opts for three octagonal tables, making the room much more functional and user-friendly. A million yards of (what I'm assuming is) a fabulous Bennison paisley gives the room a soft, romantic appeal.

The knotty pine office and library glows with the honey tones of the wood reflected and enhanced by the metallic gold papered ceiling.

The kitchen, complete with serious professional range has a refreshing metallic-and-white color scheme, giving you a break from the floral explosion of the rest of the home. I wish I could get a better view of the breakfast room, with it's green wicker chairs (another Mrs. Parrish signature), because it looks awesome.

The master bedroom is a pure, marshmallow fantasy in shades of lavender-tinged pink, miles of striped silk drapes, and a canopy bed fit for a fair princess. I adore the scalloped D. Porthault linens scattered with blue stars, and if I were ever in this home, I would probably try to steal the lucite vanity chairs with its pink velvet upholstered street. Doubt I could shove it under my Barbour, but worth a shot. The off-white and pistachio green painted floor adds the perfect counterpoint of eclectic country charm to balance out the otherwise uber polished scheme.

Did I mention the home has an insane amount of outdoor space? And that all of it is manicured to Buatta's exacting standards of precision-level charm.

With this greenery-covered pergola, featuring a giant ;lantern and wood burning fireplace, you would have to keep reminding yourself you're in midtown Manhattan and not on a terrace of a villa in the Amalfi Coast of the south of France.

One of the things I love best about Mario Buatta and his designs (if not the thing) is his commitment to the seriousness of being lighthearted. Every inch of this home is a charming confection, but not a breath of it is throw-away. If you've got a spare ...$20 million... the listing for this polished pad is here. For now I'm good with dreaming of acres of key lime pie walls, and forests of chintz.