Born and raised in New York, educated in New England, currently living on the shores of Lake Michigan north of Chicago with her husband, baby daughter, and enormous Airedale Terrier, Jenny Schnabl Brewster has a deep respect and appreciation for traditional design and a love for making timeless things fresh.

Jenny is a first-generation American, a boarding school drop out, a self-confessed wallpaper addict, and a Chinoiserie enthusiast. A graduate of the prestigious Art History program at Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, Jenny went on to study Residential Interiors at the Boston Architectural College. After working for firms in both Boston and Chicago she started Jenny Brewster Style in 2015.

Jenny loves foo dogs (obviously), chintz, tartan, blue-and-white anything, hydrangeas, stripes, Greek Key ribbon, that gorgeous minty wall color you see in 18th century interiors, needlepoint, skirted round tables, faux bamboo trim, serious millwork, pagodas, silk taffeta draperies, Connecticut Valley doors, boxwoods, brass hardware, ginger jars, pom poms, judgemental ancestral portraits, coral, Chippendale fretwork, David Adler, treillage, and a good sense of humor.

She is a firm believer that leopard is a neutral and that trad is rad.